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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Heart Wisdom

Poets and Good Men

Bad men can be good poets,
Racism doesn't jar talent
Or cripple a great mind,
The worst bigot can yet
Move emotion to find
Wisdom in nimbus sonnets,

Larkin's charming epithets
Are antidotes to his venom,
Pound's fascism removes none
Of his effect on the poem,
Perfect verse by imperfect man
May ferment godly talents.

Acumen may differ in dialects,
But love does not make bad men,
Or go to push misery down
One another's throats, when
Beauty fills the mind's pronoun,
Pure love only love reflects.

Love makes good men and poets,
And makes poets of good men,
It is neither brash nor too clever
to be underscored by any pen,
It may not make a Larkin, however
Love again defines all limits.


Love Duster

This wisdom lies
In my learning heart;

You burnt all other loves
Out of me, a cleansing

Soul for this unkempt body,
Dusting away all memory

Of other house guests,
None remaining, only

The one who simply dared
To love the untidiness in me.

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