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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tarkan Troubles

This Country Will Do Anything To Make Me Gay
By Ayşe Arman reporting from Dubai, courtesy of Hürriyet

Ayse ArmanHaving interviewed Tarkan for Turkish newspaper Hürriyet in 2001 and now residing in Dubai, female journalist Ayşe Arman grabs the opportunity to talk to Tarkan about his troubles at his November 9 Dubai concert backstage.

Arman's 2006 Sunday report for Hürriyet reveals the portrait of an unhappy man, who is once again disillusioned by his home press.

Tarkan in Dubai"There is a crisis of trust between the media and me," he says in the journalist's column today. "I'm sick of everything I say being pulled out of context."

Using harsh language, and indicating that this was a major factor behind his decision to keep out of the way of the media, Tarkan continues, "They're aiming straight for my head. I haven't been able to harden myself... It upsets me. So that's why I'm saying no to interviews."

When asked whether the blackout about him in the Turkish media scares him, Tarkan gives an explicit reply.

"No. Just because newspapers don't write about you they way they used to once doesn't mean that you've lost your popularity. Just the opposite, I get suspicious if I constantly see someone in the headlines, it seems to me that person has a rating problem. I want to stay away from such ploys. I want to be known for my work, not celebrity gossip."

Expressing that he is happy "with his girlfriend, dog and friends", Tarkan stresses that Turkey "won't rest until it's made me gay! I've been with Bilge for six years. How can you continue a lie for six years?"

Health Worries Plague Tarkan

The pop singer also reveals as he enters his mid-thirties that he is being plagued by health fears.

"I'm not afraid of dying, sometimes I think it would be better. There are benefits in dying young. It's not a world for growing old. I'm a bit pessimistic recently. My dad died young from a heart attack, he had high cholesterol, mine is too. I get regular medical check-ups, and so far so good apart from my knee. I wonder if I'll have enough time to do all the things I want to..."

Although Tarkan had expressed in another interview for Turkish newspaper Milliyet in 2003 - this time by Can Dündar - that he didn't believe musicians like Bono from U2 could make a difference in politics, today he explains that he would like to work for the benefit of others.

"Even Angelina Jolie has realised that Hollywood is a lie. What the woman is doing is helping others. I believe she is sincere."

Using Bono and Angelina Jolie's works as charitable examples, the star expressed that he too wanted to do something similar, but didn't have the necessary backing.

Read the complete translation of Arman's transcript here.

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