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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gifts of Love

Christmas To Me

glittering jitters,
rustle of soft tinsel,
searching for gifts
under evergreen bushes,
falling for you was like
Christmas to me,

a completed wish list,
dreams turned physical,
riding warm
across a skin of snow,
bells a-ringing,
hearts ploughing,

how inclinations
would grow
as the clock struck
midnight to stir
ember expectations
in a glowing hearth,

you'd tie me up
with multicoloured ribbons,
as I unwrapped you,
a royal yuletide feast;
loving you was like
Christmas to me.


Four Things of Beauty

When I was a boy,
back then in a
new garden,

I saw the first
beautiful thing
I would ever see.

A blushing rose
opening upon
the stem,

velvet edges
with spring.

When I was a man,
in the call of
the wild,

I saw the second
beautiful thing
I would ever see.

You in full bud,
ready to open
upon the stem,

velvet edges
yearning to
bloom with spring.

After that I knew
I'd only ever see two
more things of beauty,

you in a wedding
dress and our
child's smiling face.


Everlasting Gift

It's amazing how
even in your absence
you still remain;
to my loneliness
you signed your name,
brewed my thoughts,
distilled to only
the taste of you,
this is your gift
to me, essence

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