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Friday, December 22, 2006

Poems to Last

The Learning Curve

my mind traveled to
that four-letter destination
with the disorientation
of being in a foreign country,

an ever-increasing dizziness,
other's kisses started to feel
like purchased poems - shared
but not completely mine,

only your lips ritually filled me;
beckonings to taste you loudly
taxied the man in me to
lost thoughts of you lingering on

the edge of this learning curve;
a new culture in which I grew
to question all that made me cry;
my remainder a constant reminder

that without you I'm the least part
of a poem of its own; we're greater
objects of our universe when no
particle of our soul sleeps alone.


Original Thought

you resurrected
this heart with a touch,
swept away autumn leaves
falling on the chest
of a living grave,

and showed me
that love holds
no reservation
when it's right,
because it is our right;

you defined that
communicating desire,
not mere appetite,
is the essential human
relation with the world,

and showed me that
angels do not need
heavenly disguises,
a recurring theology
in any anthropology;

no original sin,
only original thought
in a humane philosophy,
your love is the only
religious doctrine

in this human sphere,
the one science taught
for this natural world,
the only currency
I won't exchange,

the centre of my circle,
the definitive cosmology,
fortelling a time
to talk, dance, laugh
and not for letting go.


A Poem to Last

you are a poem to last,
I'll never write
a better one;
you'll always be
my poem to the last.

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