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Thursday, January 11, 2007



dark is light, night brighter
than sunlight in a coil fire,
as tightly sprung iron
clod, the horse's hooves
pull this carriage heart,

filling skylanes to outrun
the strongest and the long,
thick spavins, bulky thighs
press hard and on,

vigorous bloodbeats pull
at sleek reins underneath
silken shine coated sheets,
hard muscle reigns
in the stallion's spirit;

the seeded thoroughbred
leaves rebellious snort
tracks, transwhite
in the steaming air,

as Apollo's carriage
pushes on deeper,
sunconnected navigation
bringing this carted heart
to your most softest lair.



prayers in the other room
to remember the dead,
she sits with me
in another room,

prayers of another kind
to chase the darkness out,
an open door to welcome new
chants that conceive

a dress unzipped, against
breathless kisses,
the more sensuous for its
feigning innocence, yet

secretly scheming,
devising an act dreaming
of such things further
than the other room can see,

hustle-pushes in a stealthy
seat of sinhaven
the mind runs to
for protection,

while the ritual goes on,
nature works its wrong
to seek living touch
in the facemask of death.

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