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Friday, February 02, 2007

Life Lyricana

Unconscious Souls

Every day unconscious souls
Step from their house-doors
And journey into the street
To weave their tide to time.

People whip through the air
Though not really ever seeing,
Blinkered heads neither bent
Up nor down and unstaring,

No response to friendly hails
In the silent rush of pale light,
The work force moves along
Racing against nature's heart.

Drowning in crowded stations
Tugged feet issue perfectly
Pattering sounds that click
Down their routine walk route,

Flawed reverence for the daily
Disguising their grim reality of
A lot of lives simply pushing
in the tiniest nudge of history.


The Old Lady

There is a wall so high that
You hardly see the old lady move,
Hand in hand with the moon and
Soft evening coloured earth,
Every evening as she waters
His regal geraniums with care.

I watch her as she talks
To the flowers about her day,
Sitting beside his empty chair
Talking as though he were there,
With a love beyond her smile,
She points a finger to the air.

He loved watching the moon
Maybe he can see me from there,
she whispers to a table with no guests
but a setting of faithful flowers,
plush heads nodding nobly
in memory of a loving husband.


Life in Lyrics

They say life is a song,
A duet to be sung or
Cried the whole way through,

Nobody can tell how many
Notes you drop,
As they're singing, too,

And what's more it's real,
Not a collection of scales,
But a musical marvel

A lyrical exercise
That catches the breath,
Or stops the living life in you.

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