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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Touch of Romance

All Spaces One

the everyday ordinary
is brushed with intimacy
when you touch it,

dim candlelight broadens
the horizons of our house,
all rooms join bodies

to make a great space
for our every opportunity
to caress and caress,

all spaces become one,

you're a touch of romance
that stays with me
'til you touch me again,

sharing passionate kisses
are like secret phrases
passing between us;

a language of our making,
memorising grammar of lips,
we shorten hours with talk,

all space is one.


The Writing of Your Name

I wrote your name down
the other day,
and stroked the letters,

the blue-black ink of your hair,
caressed an eyebrow there,
here the slender shape
of a wrist I traced,
slender arcs imitated
the curve of your eyes,

I could not discover whether
the writing of your name
shapes desire like you,
or that you had simply
worked yourself into
the signature of my fingers.


Live or Die

Love can live or die
as we die or live on,
but it cannot walk alone.


No Other Synonym

With you there is no
other synonym for love,
except love itself.

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