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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Twenty-Five Things in 2.5 Minutes

Eat up. Processed news feed is good for you.
  1. Archaeologists believe the first story ever to be written down was the legend of Gilgamesh.
  2. Antony and Cleopatra were ugly.
  3. Two "Romeo and Juliet" skeletons have been unearthed close to the city where Shakespeare set the tale of the star-crossed lovers.
  4. The Venice Carnival is opened annually by the symbolic "Flight of the Dove".
  5. The world's most expensive pizza was cooked for a St Valentine's Day meal.
  6. A computer chip capable of more than a trillion calculations per second has been unveiled.
  7. A siesta can drastically reduce the risk of death from heart disease.
  8. Sleeping can also help you keep slim.
  9. The Baader-Meinhof gang was a German terrorist organisation in the 1960s.
  10. British Prime Minister Tony Blair does not keep a personal diary.
  11. Very long hair takes four hours to dry naturally.
  12. A technology exists that can "hide" information in plain sight on printed images.
  13. Harvard is the fourth of America's eight prestigious Ivy League universities to have women presidents.
  14. A giant asteroid on a collision course with Earth is a forseeable.
  15. Stockholm Syndrome is given to circumstances in which hostages take the side of the hostage-takers.
  16. In the UK advertisers cannot discredit rivals on TV.
  17. The number of people with criminal records in the United States military has doubled in the past three years. << Iraq War
  18. China aims to to eradicate queue-jumping and spitting before the 2008 Olympics.
  19. Indonesia produces over 632 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year whereas the Netherlands emits only 80 million.
  20. Inspiration for the framers of the American Constitution came from a Corsican Che Guevara of the 18th century.
  21. A group of disfigured World War II fighter pilots, who were operated on by a pioneering team of surgeons, were known as the Guinea Pig Club.
  22. Ducks can be born with four feet.
  23. A somo is a traditional Kenyan sex therapist and marital sex counsellor.
  24. The inventor of the TV remote control has died.
  25. God was an American.

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