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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There Was a Time

there was a time,
as we often say,
so many times
that we had merging,

like tidal waves
powerfully seeping
below the surface,
there was such a love
that never stopped to
ask the way;

it came without asking
to knock down all doors,
to break open every lock
of our house,

hesitation howled out
by a hurricane's
hungry communications
of beats and breaks,
earth moving vibrations

rebooted and remixed life
into the quick
of racing blood;
similes of a dynamic sea
flowed through
our drowning veins,

bodies deconstructed
on the whites of
a salty spray
that stung our hearts,
as though hundreds
of tiny feet pummelled us
by an unslumbering shore,

souls burning in
a burning horizon,
merging in a love
that no time could ignore.

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