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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dominoes in Time

It's as if they said
never let him forget,
I'm cursed to
remember every moment.
Love has no standing
when you stand alone.

I travelled. I searched.
But nowhere did I see
the ways you waited for me.
I threw myself under the
grinding wheel of daily living,
spat out my soul
far away from me,
in the hope that I might
expel us both.

Every time I said
"I love you"
to those other than you,
another island would break away
from the earth of me,
drifting as far away
as the funny-shaped clouds
we'd count every first of May.

I have images in my mind.
Pictures that won't completely
stay or go away,
just like you.
Pieces of a beautiful day
where the things we hadn't
the courage to say
got done,

listen... to what they say,
"Time has us stacked like dominoes"
ready to knock us down,
in its line of fire,
ready to topple with
a single gun,

for the "we" that
chained me to your eyes,
for all the words we
lined up as a charm bracelet
to be worn at the unluckiest
of times,

for all that,
life threatens to begin again.
another new body's perfume
to wear.
another new soul.
another new summer
to bathe in salty skin,
but it won't be the same.

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