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Monday, April 02, 2007

Dyes and Dust

A Kinder Tale

lost faith in life
is a book with
no reader;
beauty unclaimed
is beauty lost;

sadness lies thick
as the dust on
an unread book
that waits for a child
to believe in it;

the one that reads
with hope the
woven words
that create
a kinder tale's magic;

far kinder than dust,
which dyes all
the colour of neglect,
kinder still than wasted
time that fades all;

for the child will read
to be a child still,
turning the pages
at no one else's
behest but the
reader's heart.


The Way I Want To Die

the way I want to die
is lying next to you,
holding the hand
that saved me every day,
staring at your eyes
canvassing all my colours
in its single fire,
breathing in
the scent of your hair
to take me there.



what words can describe beauty
too beautiful to describe;
more than face or form
but a glancing look,
a silent beauty;
beautiful for always knowing
what I tried to say,
beautiful for understanding
my lack of speech;
beautiful for it remained
even when the moment passed away.

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