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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

If You Were With Me

If you were with me, come the cries
from my skin's ministry,
hungry pores in gospel for a sign,
everything would be all right,

But having left me to that solitude,
which suits love's low-burnt musings,
I close my eyes hoping I wake up
with your eyes resting on mine.

Rough edges forcibly smoothed off,
my corners feel raw and bleeding,
my mind absentmindedly takes your name
and writes it on all my thoughts.

If only you were with me, come the cries again,
with your sweat to taste like rock candy,
a sunny day's gift that sticks to my breath,
to pick you caught from in between my teeth,

And to have your hand draped on my chest,
in your way that promises to want me
when I wake up tomorrow, numbingly
in every touch to cleanse me

With an innocence that never dies,
but purifies the waters dirtied in me,
I've stopped mid-flow, thoughtflow, soulflow,
a flowing stream that needs to ebb deep,

For every season to fill and feed me
I was a bird that wanted to be free,
but in this midnight lull of night
I yearn to be the stillest tree,

If you were with me I'd dig in roots
and bear fruit with you, while
fearlessly watching what time can do,
to dumb the living and the pain,

An articulation of things to come,
time can do almost anything,
almost anything it seems
except make me forget you.

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