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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wherever You Are


the night is my earth
I plough with my pen,
delving for knowledge;

the best knowledge
I've found

is knowing that only
certain things
matter time and again;

in the breeze
cupped in the
hands of the dark
speak to each other;

osculating, caressing,

I listen
to their fluid confessions
in windy rhapsody,

it is certain they've
travelled afar,

may be they can tell me
where you are.


I describe you
to the whispers;

they still to listen
as I talk of how
I watched you sleep,

the small breaths
that would take me in deeply,

how the moonlight
would touch your face
and become part of your beauty,

how dark and light
became one in the night.


You grew young with me,
were a girl with me,
I was a boy with you;

I ate with you,
slept with you,

I rested in you,
you sheltered in me;
bodies no longer
only yours or mine,

what others
had taken from us,
we gave back to
each other;

we took our
unfinished pieces
and made them rhyme,

and when you left
I gave you me,
an entrusted keepsake;
to make sure
you could never forget;

for how can one forget


the whispers die down,
whether in mourning
I can only guess;

but I press them
not to silently cry,
just to send word;

history once written
can never be lost,
no matter where we are
she and I,

we still share
the same moon,
even that brings joy;

the same diamond kites
we'd pick from
the tiara of night
still fly;

their shining reminds
our firelight it can
survive in the smallest lamps
against the strongest winds,

and hope is the tightest
cord that ties
the wish to the star,

I am yours,
wherever you are.

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