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Friday, May 04, 2007

Tarkan's Lips Taken

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan appeared in Antalya for a one-off special on 03 May 2007Hürriyet Genç, the Turkish newspaper's supplement for young adults, has published a report about Tarkan's private appearance for a hotel in Antalya yesterday evening, as previously reported.

Taking place on a specially constructed stage by the hotel's private beach, and and consisting of mainly Russian tourists, the article reports that Tarkan was viewed by a crowd of five thousand people. He spoke in English, Russian and Turkish during the two hour concert. The celebrity press were not allowed to take pictures.

When a young girl broke the security barricade and managed to reach Tarkan, asking for a kiss on the lips, Tarkan is reported to have refused. "These lips are taken," he said. After a round of applause from the audience in response, he cried back, "I love you all."

His May 3 show was a special free admission performance for tourists staying at IC Hotels Green Palace.

The best is yet to come

Tarkan outside Antalya airport, May 2007Meanwhile Habershow reports that while keeping his new hairstyle under his hat, Tarkan had arrived in Antalya to a mass media frenzy. Appearing at ease, and very happy after his domestic flight, he answered questions from the press who met him at Antalya airport.

He spoke of his new album, and the possibility of last minute delays to its June release. He also spoke of the Sezen Aksu songs in his new album, especially one that would be emotional and thought-provoking. Explaining that this latest offering was very different in terms of lyrics and music, he went on to say:

"To me it is my best album... [it's going to leave its mark on] this summer and Turkish pop music." Stating that he hoped "the album will outsell the bootleg copies," he asked the public to combat music piracy.

UPDATE: Album release delayed, Sezen Aksu song removed from playlist >>

Praising his friend and this year's Eurovision Turkish entrant Kenan Doğulu, he went on to express how much he admired his long-term girlfriend Bilge Öztürk, too. Signalling that he was finally ready to settle down, when asked how his relationship was he said, "Super. I am 35 nearly, it's time for kids and a family life."

Also revealing that he was to stay in Turkey for a long duration, the Turkish artist expressed his disillusionment with America. "I've missed my country, my public, singing in Turkish," he said.

To watch video footage of the airport report and the concert, click here.
(In Turkish, provided by HaberTurk)

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