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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Heartbound [2]

The Last Word

were all those poets wrong;
Shakespeare too;
all who put love as logs
burning in the hearth
of the heart?

its triggers are chemical,
its symptoms physical:
is its true domain
in that small part of the brain
that registers
emotional phenomena?

a full-blown
pathological condition,
to which the bounded
heart is a mouth-piece,
a legendary fever
that stems from all things
the five senses can't touch,
wrapped in a language
no one can really understand;

each experience however clichéd
heightened in impact
when translated by
fevered hearts
into love's mad tongue,

a straitjacket of fire to
lock the strongest body,

a wind that blows
in even the most
narrow streets of the soul,

or a raging rain storm
that beats, beats, beats
against the highest walls,

or does the heart just speak
of love as an indestructible dream
for it needs to keep beating,

knowing even the idea of love
is enough to makes us live
as though
we still have so much to say:

when in honesty
whose to say
love will have
the last word?

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