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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hollowed Out

Unable to physically disconnect from the streets
You walked on, in communion with shadows
That met yours, arousal a sweet slow animal
In the ache of a union needing to unfold,

Any connection with you better than none at all,
Touching the places you had touched however small
Hope was courteous still, but tired and thin
Love failed to stay the way it had had been,

Now you've gone on from me and the city streets,
Absently hollowed us out, we're burning summer
On the skin uselessly, the broadless daylight
Hammering the balcony of the sky,

Great dome church bells singing,
Doing nothing but crying the loss of a dry
Mouth swallowing holy water, believing in
Reality a common divisor of unequal souls,

Yet passion still hungering
For the rigours of your wilderness
To overrun these bare ledges,
Walking on the edges of longing.

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