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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Poet's Corner Revisited

Take another stroll down poet's corner and see what you find:

Beyond the Fields in Me »
Beyond fields of haydust that rise
and where everything gets a chance to die,

beyond the autumn which entombs
the summer that has caught winter's eye,

beyond the cooling of the night
and the myriad of voices in the leaves,

beyond the trees that lock their doors
to the storming of their eaves,

beyond wet strokes in rallying cry
refusing to passively dry,

beyond all right and wrong
there is another field in me,

beyond what the body wants
and the heart doesn't agree.

That is where I want to be.

An Instinct for Love »
the greatest season
in life's regulated cycles
is the instinct for love;

a necessary signature to be
stamped on all nature's orders,
an ignorance of obstacles,

a playful breeze is needed
to the undercurrent
of overflowing brooks,

deep under barbed wire
rusted by a setting sun,
raindrops must faintly sway

to a storm's free desire,
dangerously threatening
to fill the brim

of holes dug to break
undone borders of
a winter's soil.

Part of the Invisible »
suddenly, acutely indivisible,
the warm light from a welcoming door
crashing through my darkness,

she was part of my invisible,
stripped me down to
an embarrassing starkness,

the things I couldn't say
that wouldn't go away,

the hand that never forgot
how to signal me to stay.

Guilt »
guilt is a window
with no star,

shadows lag far behind
unwilling to fall down
deepening holes
of platitude, windows
are starless still
as eyes echo what comes
from the hollows of
tired bodies,

fingers freeze mid-air
on these blank pages
that remain cold and delicate,
hope is too proud to come and
mutual regret is insufficient
to serve as a movement
in a stifled clock's
lonely song,

the moment has gone
without any fanfare.

Purification »
you are earth;
when I bend down to kiss you,
you are sun.

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