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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Things of Power

Banksy muralBritish artist Banksy's latest mural adorns the West Bank barrier on his return to Bethlehem.
  1. Voodoo practitioners in Haiti believe twins have magical ability and share a single soul.
  2. The UK should "celebrate" the role of Christianity in the country's heritage and culture, its government has said.
  3. The Iranian President has said that a US report on Tehran's nuclear programme revealing that it had halted a nuclear weapons programme in 2003 was a "great victory".
  4. A UK teacher has been released and handed over to British officials in Sudan after being jailed for letting her class name a teddy bear Muhammad.
  5. Habeas corpus is an ancient procedure in which a court can order someone holding a prisoner to bring him or her to court to justify the detention.
  6. The human rights of a murderer and his wife were breached when they were not allowed to have a child by artificial insemination, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.
  7. Archaeologists have begun digging for what they think might be a pyramid hidden beneath a hill in Bosnia.
  8. The Hill of Kronos at ancient Olympia in southern Greece is surrounded by ruined temples and the ancient stadium where the first Olympic Games were held in 776BC.
  9. Doris Lessing, who has won the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature has been one of Britain's most prominent writers for more than 50 years.
  10. A 2004 random sample of 1,000 missing persons cases in London found that more than three-quarters were resolved within 48 hours, while 99% were resolved within a year.
  11. Elephants keep track on up to 30 absent relatives by sniffing out their scent and building up a mental map of where they are, research suggests.
  12. Chimpanzees have an extraordinary photographic memory that is far superior to humans.
  13. A dog that inherited $12m (£5.8m) from a late New York hotelier is in hiding after it was targeted by death threats, US media say.
  14. A 26-year-old domestic cat from Shropshire could be one of the oldest in the UK.
  15. The number of wild parrots living in England is rising at 30% per year, says an Oxford University research project.
  16. A social club in Devon has banned a 77-year-old man from breaking wind while indoors.
  17. Women who eat crisps or chips every day may double their chances of ovarian or womb cancer, say scientists.
  18. Honey has been known for its healing powers for thousands of years.
  19. The natural "high" produced by exercise could one day be available in a pill that targets a gene in our brains.
  20. A new book reveals that the secrets to brainpower may lie in chocolate, sex and laughter.

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