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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Music Engineer Talks About Tarkan

Tarkan's music engineer on Kral TV Turkish media blog TarkanPLUS has posted news about an appearance by Tarkan's long-time music engineer Ozan Çolakoğlu on Turkish music channel Kral TV this evening.

Reporting an excerpt from the show Müzik Dergisi, with presenter Şafak Karaman (see left pic), TarkanPLUS reveals Çolakoğlu's response to critics of the fast-selling album Metamorfoz.

"We didn't have a certain objective in mind when we did Tarkan's album. Tarkan had songs. We came together. We did stuff we thought worked. We didn't want to repeat a format that was large and busy like Karma. It was a successful album of its time. We didn't want to repeat that... In this album there's a newer Tarkan," Çolakoğlu insisted.

Explaining that this change might be difficult for some to accept, the talented music engineer went on to state, "Some expected the Tarkan of old. These people are saying that the new album isn't like Karma. Well, we didn't want to repeat Karma anyway. That was an album from seven years ago."

Çolakoğlu, dividing the main criticisms into two camps, also responded to those who complained that, despite his efforts, Tarkan hadn't changed at all.

"This is an ignorant approach by people who don't understand music. In my opinion Metamorfoz is a work that signals where Tarkan will go from here on. He's lowered the dosage of classic Turkish influences. It suits the music of our day. We seasoned the album with a taste of Turkishness. He didn't overdo the singing with Turkish vocals. We used it sparingly. We didn't want it to sound like the other albums. A different tone, a different style," he said.

Çolakoğlu's interview had been scheduled to be aired last week, but had been removed from the schedule at the last minute due to unspecified reasons. Müzik Dergisi presenter Karaman is known as one of Tarkan's harshest critics.

The famous music engineer has worked with Tarkan since the singer's first album in 1992, when both were still virtually unknown.

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