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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Code of the Gods

Naked Journey

When stars flicker in a code
for the homeless and the gods,
whether a dream or a deity,
hope plants roots to a journey
that strips the traveller naked
to all reasoning;

love stirs phrases that
shine distant, like headlights
on a dark highway,
coming closer it blinds

the days that lie restless
in the pit of time's stomach;
parameters of passionate
substance crucified to a magic
that promises to resurrect:

to nail the pain of loneliness
firmly to a safe crosspiece
of ever-hooded metaphors,
calling for a leap of faith,
to bring self back to itself,

to come and find what's left
roaming in a night sky
where all colours blur
at its deepest proximity,
refusing even if they bury the body,
to simply lie down and die.


Ellipse of Proof

the grinding soul begs
to the gasping mind to obey,

a lover's fingers burn
in a fire to shame
the first day of dawn,

but the lover makes his art
not knowing what it means,

a halo slips simply over the heart,
encircles, squeezes all sides,

a warm ellipse of proof
that finally love has
taken over the ride.

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