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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Playing the Dark

- I -

two spoon bowls aligned,
positioned side by side
in a reuniting dark,

dipped cusps forging
heated promises in its
softening steel, denying nothing
to the air between as we meet
in this burning play,

we diminish
to let love grow buoyant,
meditative skin touches undressing,
a ceremonial surrendering of veils,
a caressing confessional uncovering
our other ways, eyes rising
to meet our souls that gaze in unison
upon our wedded pair:

our bodies break the silence
as the pious break bread
in temples that name their own gods,
hazy, slender initiates
embody unfettered ecstasy
baptised in imitating candlelight,

a soft wind murmurs in the ear,
sigh-words turned more audible
with each mouthful of clemency,
a call to prayer, a pure pivot
in a madding whirl prevails
above the brutal clangour of the heart.

- II -

kisses customised to strip bare
ever-hardening bodies that signal
refusals to all partitions,

fingers strum the dark to body-music
calling suggestive shadows to dance,
hiding-revealing, playing inhibitions,
bouts of desires dare out to play
the throes of a storm to subside,

love echoes laughter like a child
in caved sanctuaries, searching
for small miracles as enticement
for the fervent to pray

at the mouth of the cave where
a blessed rain descends,
a lover's refuge from the storm,
pushing out tongues as carriers
to catch heated droplets
falling from a steam scented air,
the rain flows freely:

it waters the seeds we tucked
into each other's care
to bloom once more,
and the plate is filled entire,
the cup is drunk whole
in a Mass for the repose of souls
once the chanting is done,

bodies rock the other under
distant stars dying out in a milky sky,
but in our reassuring eyes
burns the sun that beatifies.

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