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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Wisdom of Arousal

Teacher, Lover

love teaches the lover,
earnestly learning
a tradition of peculiar
tone and temper;

power and tenderness
in varying degrees
circle each other's atoms
searching for cosmic keys,

the body becomes
a bridge of sighs,
the lips a signal
for the other to arise,

it fights for you
side by side in battle;
always in front of you,
in times of sacrifice,

in times of despair
it lifts you, holding
no vice that publicly
unlocks you,

and like death,
the journey there
gives all the answers
to all the questions.


The Path

love doesn't change
your path,
love is the path.

destiny ceases
to exist
when love desists.

arousal of self
abandonment of self.

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