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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ground Zero

- I -

From signal sweat on satin skin
To fingers signing with beauty,
How did we lose each other so easily,
When I marked so many places
To trace a path back to me?

The small crevices of your body
Where I hid my sighs still try
To call; their echoes reach me,

Carried on broken wings once strong
Enough to make us fly, now an angry
Fluttering of dreams that die.

- II -

You may want to, so do I,
To forget - as though we could
Hold back the dark by
Withholding the blink of an eye -

But unblinking tears become
Killingly cliché: nothing
Can wipe the traces of you
Drowning me away.

- III -

The only night without you once
Would have been my death, now
In a closing, clogged up chest
Nights wheeze their last breath;

The sun hides from me in too long
A rest to dry up this rain
soaked-breast, to help me stop

Forgetting that I need to forget,
Or else let a season shine that can
Help this heart rewind regret.

- IV -

How else can moments count back
To the nothing before we met,
Without erecting a monument
To a lost life in each
New day's ground zero?

How else? I ask the dark.
But the dark is like me.
It doesn't know why
It simply exists,
In the blink of an I.

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