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Saturday, March 08, 2008


A handiwork of tapestry threads
That entwine in love's tread;
On this carpet you give life
To fly, to drift along a starry stead,
Ecstasies thread into the limbs and belly
Of northern lights that spread
To the body of the world,

With the quickened pulse in the ears,
The heart rises higher,
We spy a slit in the heavens, soft-pulling;
And music follows cue,
A parting of clouds that whirl with smouldering eyes,
A fire's birth in the sky,
Thunder follows the V-shaped fork
Of burning lines, a steel conductor
Of light lights light,
The night's body electric
Penetrates the mantle of the sky.

Free-fall, we dive, the carpet lands,
Steel pushed deeper into soil
To ground the fire the hours clap to a single stride,
We impregnate legends committed to our every page
With our own; fulfilling nature's prophecy:
That to parched skies there will come blinding rain
To undo the decorum of the sky.

We give ourselves up to the unsealing shower,
Sight and sound drowns in one load,
Until the sudden finale brings a false silence,
Outspread and motionless, dying
Fires flaunt their flickering end on a dream's
Pierced membrane, bound in time but not of time,
The night begins to give way
To morning's awakening tapestry,

A light simply reflecting our open gates,
Stars go back to their hiding
Like an old house lost in a forest,
Valleys of smoke that block unlocked doors
At once rough and smooth as oak,
A death that leaves no carnage, but a single change,
A sudden dismemberment of rain song;
And some dream still of an eye's wide face,
Dark and light, like intricate lace.

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