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Friday, March 07, 2008

Storms in the Mind

This diluted mind
Is a tempestuous sea
That has stormed about you
For many years.

Merchant ships
Set sail laden
With memories of me:
I sent spices, garlic and ginger root,
Tarnished and gaudy bottles
Filled with sweet earthy scent;
Oddments of rough things.

A spacious store of knowledge
And priceless wares
That shouldn't have dimmed,
Now dead and buried, shipwrecked
At the bottom
Of an unfurnished seabed.

These were my riches,
Now a sea-hoard of half sodden
Dead weights of differing
Light and deep,
Now there is nothing of me.

In the whole and all,
I kept nothing for my own.
Only you and this sea
That storms in my mind.

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