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Friday, March 07, 2008

Touching on Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

While still number one at MTV Türkiye's video play charts for the second week with "Vay Anam Vay", Tarkan's April concert in London has been mentioned by Turkish newspaper Sabah's magazine section, taken from İhlas News Agency, and citing that great interest has been generated in the UK.

The only new information by the report from previously published news stories - although as yet unconfirmed - are claims that Tarkan's 2008 tour of concerts will take him to Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Ayhan Gunyil reportMeanwhile recent reports with other Turkish artists in the press make mention of Tarkan. Female pop singer Demet Akalın reveals her desire to duet with the pop icon, while established singer and songwriter Kayahan has criticised Tarkan's critics, and guitar maestro Ayhan Günyıl talks about working with the star in an interview published by a local paper.

Guitarist Günyıl, who has worked extensively with Tarkan in the studio and on the live show circuit, talks sincerely about Tarkan to Bursa Hakimiyet, a local paper in the Turkish province of Bursa.

In the February 27 report, Günyıl reveals he has been working with Tarkan since 1998, and that every guitar solo he plays during a performance with Tarkan holds a special place for him. Having released his first album of guitar pieces with the support of a range of Turkish stars, Tarkan has also supported the album by lending his vocals to the album's title track, "Skylight", and contributing his song "Gitti Gideli" (from his 2001 Karma album).

"Tarkan's song is very special to me, when I'd play this for Tarkan on stage I'd really enjoy playing a long solo, and now the song has become the album's opening track," the musician revealed.

And finally, when asked for his views on Tarkan's 2007 Metamorfoz release, in a March 2 interview for Turkish paper Bugün about his own 30-year career, Kayahan indicated that he believed there was an active smear campaign against the artist.

"Tarkan sings well. What do those who want to drag him down replace him with I wonder? From [what I hear] he is really dedicated to what he does. His critics are not an authority on music. They're being unfair to him. They should leave Tarkan alone," he said.

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