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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tarkan Fans at Wembley

We've been given the official press release and the Turkish media's take on Tarkan coming live from Wembley Arena, but what did some of the fans that went to the show think?

T in Texas, USA, writes:

Wow!!! What can I say?? flight to London xxx airmiles, upgrade to business class $xxx, 2 of the best seats at concert $xxx hotel bill $xxx hearing "Kuzu Kuzu" being whispered into the mic, lights go on Tarkan's on stage PRICELESS.

Had a blast!! Cried screamed laughed cried some more... He was awesome 2 and half hours of my Tarkan. Met some nice people too. Looking forward to the next one. Even got mentioned on his official site that fans even came from USA. Was interviewed by Turkish Dem channel as I had travelled so far!!

We didn't go to the VIP party after. We kind of guessed it wasn't going to be too good when they were trying to sell 2 for 1 tickets at the venue. From what I hear Tarkan didn't make an appearance.

I must agree that Tarkan's legal reps should be sorted out, how on earth could they not realise he didn't need a working visa??? I would have thought that Tarkan too would have been a little clued up. But never mind he got to do my concert.


T.T. from the UK writes:

Tarkan has this huge amount of X factor, the man is just great. The [Wembley] concert was super, the man is a genius. My favourite part was seeing him live and meeting him after the concert, and I think that it seemed short because the concert was so good. I was truly amazed that he sounded as good live as recorded.

I had my dream come true as I met the man himself face to face, what a performer!!! I waited about ten minutes at the entrance to the venue and he was being driven out after the concert and we got him to stop and all I could say was "you're the best" he thanked me and I went to tell him he is the only star that I listen to. I am sure that I will meet him again. Man what a concert, worth every penny.


Karla from London, England writes:

To be honest I didn't expect so many people! I know the venue wasn't filled, but it was just awesome to see so many people there, and the screaming was just mad! he really, really, really is a great live performer. I can't explain it, but he is a true artist. He really can sing, affect you live even better than his records. I read your article about his Hipprodrome show, and that fixed it for me in my mind to go this time, and you were word for word perfect. No surprise there then!!!


Steven H. from Nottingham, England writes:

He brought the house down. I was forced to go a little by by Turkish boyfriend, but I have so much respect for him now!


Lydia F. G. from Scotland writes:

Absolutely amazing. I had the time of my life.


M. K. from Izmir, Turkey writes:

I went from Turkey to see my Tarkan in London. I know I am crazy. I will get plenty of chances to see him here and I will go to every one. But I wanted to see this one. I am very angry with maNga and with some of these people that are saying bad things about Tarkan.

I want you to know that maNga did not deserve to be there at Wembley and I am very happy they did not sing! They are a warm-act, Tarkan was the main attraction. But this band are very rude. In Turkish papers before the concert, this band only made interviews as if it was their right to sing there and not thanks to Tarkan! None of them thanked Tarkan for this chance, and the band members very disrespectful in this way I mean. They treated it as though they were big, but they need many more years to deserve to play in big places. I have read on your blog that this band is lazy. Maybe they couldn't wake up in time to do their sound check! Then they should be professional and get there early! Tarkan was the big star he can come when he wants. After all if Tarkan was not there there would be no concert at all. The band should get some lesson of respect from this experience I mean!

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