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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Humanity Unites Religious Differences

Like Muslims at Ramadan, some Christians at Christmas want to focus on spending less and giving more to the poor.

Advent Conspiracy is an international movement restoring the scandal of Christmas by worshipping Jesus through compassion, not consumption.

For those who believe life is a song not scored for breathing and that it is better to work for rewards of the hereafter, is a worthy goal to set themselves personally - and one that I would not ridicule.

Faith is important and I strongly believe in religion being a very private thing between the individual and his or her beliefs, and they should have the right to create communities of the same faith where they can practice their faith together - freely and without undue hindrance.

I do not believe that if this community makes up the majority of a nation, the governing or political bodies should be influenced by that one faith, to the detriment of other religious minorities.

Look at Christianity and Islam, the focus of many of the festivities is the same, and yet they have been the cause of more bloodshed than any natural disaster or disease known to humanity.

Due to the inherent personal nature of religion, what should govern a public nation are tried and tested rules of law set to international standards carried out by the transparent dealings of a democratically elected government by its people. This means by all its people, not just the majority of a particular faith, and religious symbols shouldn't be turned into political collateral to pull the vote of that majority or use its powerful majority vote to blur the separation between state and religion.

For unless that religion represents every group in your country, there are going to be problems.

If God - or whatever you to choose to believe in - has given us the free will to govern ourselves, than as humans we need to focus on the humanitarian aspect, not the religious - because history teaches that nothing else works as well.

Religion preaches a universal doctrine, but has failed to be one. Our humanity is the only universal doctrine that works.

We do what is right not to get paradise on some "other side" of this life, or to convert the "barbarian to enlightenment" (per the "white man's burden"), but simply because it is the right thing to do.

For however poetic it may sound, I do not agree that life is a song not scored for breathing.

We must write our own score that compliments life, and bring our breathing in harmony with its tune.

That will be our real salvation, and will create a paradise on earth you can enjoy without suffering or dying for it first.

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