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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Of Cats and Things

Those who know me, know I'm a dog lover, but today I wanted to share some feline love with the blog's readers.

I rarely go in for "YouTube sensations" where the latest video is doing the rounds, but there was one that I think most of have seen by now that deserves to be seen by those one or two who might have missed out on it. It's a really emotional and uplifting story. Thanking the Born Free Foundation for their courtesy and support, you can check out the video below.

Love knows no bounds (© Born Free Foundation)

Continuing with cats, a feline of the very cute variety has made a place in my life at the moment. Here are two pictures I took of the latest addition to the family. His name is Gizmo.

Gizmo the catGizmo the cat
Cat Gizmo doing his thing

It is my brother's cat. I am currently residing with my brother and Gizmo while I look around for a suitable bachelor pad after arriving back in the UK from Cyprus and travelling abroad.

It was surprising how quickly Gizmo and I took to each other. He has adopted me in a way.

I have taught Gizzy to perch on my shoulder when I write, but his most favourite position is to sleep crouched up on my back as I tap away at the keyboard. He sleeps with me of an evening, keeping my feet warm. We have become firm friends.

I had not realised how much so, until my brother threw out the suggestion the other day that he might give Gizmo away, as he has nearly decimated his leather settees. I don't want it misinterpreted that my brother isn't a very loving person. He is, very much so. We both know it's Gizmo's kitten phase, and I think he just wanted to get my take on the idea, which was all it was.

I responded by asking him if he would throw me out if I was going through a difficult phase and whatever his response would be to that, then he should do the same with Gizmo.

When someone becomes a part of your life so quickly, often we cannot realise their importance until there is a threat of their absence. The small investments we make to care, feed, nurture and clean up after someone binds our ties that much stronger, and love really should be there when loving someone gets a little difficult, because that's what love is all about.

With some care and attention Gizmo will stop scratching: we will get him used to sharpening his growing claws on a scratch pad instead. And in the long run, my brother will have a companion that will serve him with love for a lifetime.

For whether it's a cat, or a lion that needs to go back into the wild, even though we may not always choose the ties that bind us, if we are faithful to them when they do, then they can never be broken.

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