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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night

I'll always remember in November
how love lit our fires on Bonfire Night,
an assortment of inspirations
that flared as a Roman Candle,

exploding screeches sang to
light doused wires, serenading
cascading rockets raining through
the black's gold-crowned mantle -

we magnified, multiplied,
impermanent, transient, fleeting
like air spices of wood-smoke-fire
devoured by the wind's biting -

we threw logic's tortured body
on the pyre, buckling at the hip,
a half-dead and broken dummy
as the embodiment of treason,

while reality's effigy burned
so did we, until the ashes cooled,
to coat the semi-frosted ground
of fiery leaves in season:

a near-warning of winter
wrapped in autumnal fur,
we did not get the chill
'til it was too late to be seen,

a dark creeping early,
suddenly the nights drew in,
clocks turned back as though
we had never been.

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