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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Death by Text

Death by Text

quicker than we had begun;
we ended so quickly
on that bus journey,
travelling hurriedly to the dark
like a great shipwreck drowning,
we sank into the feeling
pushing forward towards the black -

travelling to you and
away from you: it took just a moment,
when pride and inverted passion
spiked to stab our insides,
hoisted with our own petards,
a crucifixion of the other,
prayers cut in half
without even saying amen -

we forgot all we made
in a shaking space of time,
shorter than the investments
placed by hearts
now starving to death,
no spring in our winter
cold-coat of darkness -

there was no time
to take a breath,
fingers worked on mobile phones
before minds realised what we'd done,
like a blinding fire
lit in the growing cold,
we killed all love
with one unforgivable word -

it still lies
where we left it,
in the closing suffix
of a burial ground
with outstretched arms,
and the marker reads
nothing but empty text,

foolishness came next,
always going back
to what it knew well,
stronger than love's cords
or the constant mourners
at its grave,
is the regret that doesn't end
with words.

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