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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things in November

Here is a list of interesting things that made the news headlines in November, which first include six nuggets about the man taking up most of the newspaper space this month, America's newly elected leader:

A rally attendee holds a Time magazine with United States Senator Barack Obama on the cover. Photograph: Paul Buck/EPA

  1. US President-elect Barack Hussein Obama's father grew up herding goats in Kenya and his wife Michelle is descended from African slaves. His maternal great-great-great grandfather is from Co Offaly, Ireland, and a song has been written in praise about it.
  2. Obama and his wife have code names Renegade and Renaissance.
  3. Obama is a child of a white mother and a black father, but as recently as 1967, sixteen US states from Delaware to Texas had laws banning interracial couples.
  4. Obama supports English football team West Ham.
  5. During the US presidential election junk mail messages had been sent out claiming that Obama had died.
  6. Obama is expected to be the first US president to have a laptop on his desk in the Oval Office.
  7. One of the founding ideas of America is to guarantee the right to the pursuit of happiness.
  8. Political spin was alive and well even in the 16th Century.
  9. Ancient Greeks had a sense of humour.
  10. Action heroes are out, intelligent thinking men are in.
  11. A Dutch couple visiting India were charged an astronomical $204 for four spicy potato-stuffed snacks.
  12. The average person can sing three octaves.
  13. Women's hands have more bugs.
  14. Love handles shorten your life.
  15. Avatars have sex.

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