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Friday, April 17, 2009

After Love

After Love


how wonderful it was
to have lived life with you! -

a touching wind
on the belly of the sea,

dipping, drowning,
never really lost,
until of course I lost you.

how terrible it is
now to never know

what our son would have been
with your beauty, my brain,

and our equal strength,
watching him feast
on the life we gave the sea.


a new born stranger
to have loved as self,

to have placed in him
all our love letters

rather than in notes
on a shelf. Giving back
my heart to itself.

now expectant, empty frames
lie where our pictures should be,

and the heart waits
for elation to come

in a melody that reminds
me I once knew love
and swam in its sea.


in some darkened place
I always listen

with eyes closed to music
always remembering,

always hoping for you,
songs sent as wishes
over an invisible periphery

for you to come and find me
as you left me. Even the yearning

gives me pleasure,
for heated tears warm

the disembodied parts of me
that sing your melody in tune
with the dance of the sea.

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