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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Coastal Town Chants for Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

As the 20th Çeşme International Water Sports Festivities and Music Festival prepares to welcome Tarkan this weekend, Haberturk's entertainment portal H2 has run an article by Yusuf Çınar detailing the preparation under way at the coastal town, located west of Izmir in Turkey, for Tarkan's live performance at the Çeşme gig.

The article writes that the singer has sent a team of 100 technicians, and 8 lorries filled with sound and effects, to work around the clock to construct the singer's stage for the event, said to to be held at Çeşme Castle.

Aiming to start the summer off with a bang for the town's excited residents, Çınar claims that Tarkan is overseeing the work from Istanbul via the Internet with the aid of photographs and 3D animation, while in constant contact with his sound and stage technicians.

The H2 report quotes Erol Yaraş, the man behind the rejuvenation of the Çeşme festival and the main controller at Ege TV, one of the festival's main sponsors, as saying that Tarkan is preparing a show filled with surprises.

Screencap of Aysel refusal gossip headlineIn addition, Çınar speculates that Tarkan will be singing a duet with Eurovision 2009 entrant Azerbaijan Aysel Teymurzade, who is also attending the festival, while elsewhere, entertainment reports have published comments about Tarkan made by Aysel on her arrival in Turkey.

The Azeri singer mentioned that she "loves Tarkan" and wants to sing with him - putting to bed gossip by the yellow press that she had supposedly refused an offer by the famous pop star to sing together (which most sites have now removed - but see left pic for Haberturk's previous gossip headline).

However, a discrepancy in Çınar's article is the date given for Tarkan's show as Sunday, which would be 5 July (a date the singer has been rumoured to be preparing to appear at a festival in the Black Sea region). Previous articles, even a most recent report by local Turkish newspaper Yeni Asır, have printed the final day of the festival as 4 July, this Saturday, slated for Tarkan to appear.

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