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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tatari's Classic Evening with Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportIn the columns of paper Akşam, female correspondent Tuğçe Tatari writes in her 14 June article of the surprise opportunity she got to meet Tarkan in person (see left pic).

Correspondent Tatari has been following wealthy playboy Ali Ağaoğlu for a few weeks, and she writes that she was invited to a private party at his villa during her second week with the Turkish entrepreneur in her Sunday post.

Tarkan Sings the Songs at Ağaoğlu's House

Hardly knowing what to expect, walking out to the verandah to a party of mostly males, during the hand shaking, there was one hand that seemed most familiar, but Tatari swears upon only recognising its owner once she had sat down.

"You won't believe it but only after I had been seated did I realise that the familiar hand was none other than Tarkan's. Looking far younger than his age, in very sporty clothes, he was sitting with a boyish air. I think he hadn't realised how many people would be there either, he was slightly surprised.

"Was it due to the ambience or his general nature I don't know, but he was smiling and warm.

"He had no qualms and made no fuss about the media having been called there.

"Straight after dinner we made our way to a lower floor where an orchestra was waiting. It seemed we had been invited to a evening of Turkish classical music. As you can guess, a while later, Tarkan made his way to the microphone. Thinking he would be singing just 1-2 songs, it turned into a mini Tarkan concert. The guests began to take photographs, shout out requests and openly praised the singer from their seats.

"As for me I watched from a distance, thinking how unenviable fame must be. A person must get suffocated. If it's in him, to get angry too...

"I have to also point out that Tarkan seems to have formed a special three-man team with financier Kemal Bey and his manager Uygar. They have a special bond between them that must be due to being thrown together all these years. They're always making eye contact with one another.

"Returning home, I only had one thought on my mind, to make [columnist friend] Oray jealous. He had written in a piece last week how he would organise events "which money can't buy", and to attend such dos. I think being a guest in that house and with Tarkan taking the stage, it was an event that money just can't buy," Tatari ends her post.

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