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Monday, August 17, 2009

Wondrous World


what wondrous places
this world encases;
whether accidents of nature
or designs of another,
they are ours to care,
and ours to share:

strange blazing craters
and underground caverns,
giant fissures and centres where
crystals shine like lanterns,
and sleek slot canyons that dare
the sun's rays to bounce down
their whirling walls,

and dense fields of ghostly
stone formations, where silence calls
for company amongst rocky
figurines created by the will
of a million years, standing still
as though in prayer,

or layer under layer,
spectacular wave-like ravines
of swirling strata, and towering
sandstone pillars that magically lean;
gravity defying

columns caught in a volcano's vice,
and bleeding milky-coloured cruel
landscapes of fire and ice,
steaming cinder cones and mud pools,
and sand dunes as large as castles

in desolate dusty deserts, or
guarding ancient sea floors,
beautiful waterfalls that slush
amongst lush forest stores
thick with orchids and lotus.


oh, places so wondrous
this world holds for us;
whether nature's accidents
or a planned inheritance,
they are ours to care,
and ours to share:

with surreal wooded landscapes
filled with soft mossy pillars,
limestone needles that scrape
your knees and dragon-blood trees
which open up like umbrellas,

or the expanse of painted waters
of changing depth and hue;
scarlet-bright ponds and
scalding geysers that hiss,
lakes coloured electric blue
and restless mangrove swamps
that can swallow you --

or so, too, the watery abyss,
a free-fall kiss
of ferocious eddies and waves,
huge whirlpools that spiral-stamps
the foolish and the brave,

and at night, when storms
light their fires orange and black,
and the wind screams and blows
at the angry skies that crack
amazing shows of light,

the wise know to hide -- wait
and abide the giants clashing
like warring kings, avoiding cloud troops
dropping the weight of their load
like branches in spring drop their fruit,

until the day wakes in peaceful salute,
and time's tide turns mellow;
when the sun wakes to bathe the world
in vivid shades of bright yellow,
sailing in an immense river of twilight.

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