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Friday, October 30, 2009

Things of Identity

  1. Seven million tourists come to Istanbul in Turkey every year.
  2. A large number of Japanese want their ashes scattered over Vincent van Gogh's grave in a small town in France.
  3. The French take their comic strips very seriously. The Belgians even more so.
  4. Germany has the second-biggest Muslim population in Western Europe.
  5. The man who made a crucial first breach in the Iron Curtain which divided Cold War Europe in 1989 was Hungarian.
  6. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung took what he termed as trips into his own unconscious, the details of which he placed into what became known as the Red Book.
  7. In a strictly Catholic nation, one of Ireland's best-known sports stars has announced that he is gay.
  8. Currently, homosexuals are banned from giving blood in the UK.
  9. The Jewish definition of being a Jew is that, as far as God is concerned, when you are born of a Jewish mother then you contain a unique Jewish soul that de facto makes you a Jew.
  10. Racism is alive and well in virtual life as well as the real one.
  11. In the UK, scouts can deliver the Christmas post.
  12. Going vegetarian might save the planet, some say.
  13. Marge Simpson has become the first cartoon character to grace the cover of Playboy magazine in its publication's history.
  14. Actor Michael Cane has Googled himself.
  15. America owes its name to a pun.

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