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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Review of Tarkan News

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In an appraisal of press articles making the news with a Tarkan flavour, Tarkan Deluxe presents a summary of the most notable accounts, beginning with the claims of media portal Haberturk that public broadcaster TRT's search for an act to represent Turkey in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest is over, with Tarkan's ex-backing singer Murat Boz singled out for the offer.

The TRT had recently opened an email poll for the public to send in suggestions of the acts they wanted to see represent Turkey in Norway next year.

In other reports, as paper Sabah writes that Tarkan is amongst a large crowd of celebrity visitors to visit the hospital bed of transsexual Turkish classical singer Bülent Ersoy - who fell ill recently - the paper also claims that Tarkan's job before he found fame was a store clerk.

And in a Hürriyet interview with a Turkish female singer recollecting when she first started her career, she details how difficult it had been for her to enter the music market in the nineties - a decade overtaken by Tarkan.

"I had to wait a long time. It was the period that Tarkan came on the music scene," she said.

Meanwhile, in personal blogs and columns, 50 year-old Milliyet blogger Ufuk Kesici mentions Tarkan in a post about Turks being outclassed by Americans, while Samanyolu columnist Ramazan Kerpeten talks Tarkan in a light-hearted look at getting around the military draft in Turkey.

Moving on, gossip portals have also had their say with rumours being re-printed from the start of this year about Tarkan having frozen his sperm for a future child, while titles for an upcoming album in 2010 have been circulating, too, including "Patlıyorum" (I'm Breaking Out) and "Aşk Kapımda" (Love is at my Door).

And finally, forecasting for 2010, an article in Sabah claims that those in the Zodiac born under the sign of Libra - like Tarkan - can look forward to a year filled with fortune and opportunities for advancement, while Yeni Asır writes it will be a year of self-discovery for the artist.

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