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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Things Pretty, Pink and Not So Pretty

  1. Austrians are campaigning against Santa Claus this year in favour of their own Christmas gift giver, an angel called Christkind.
  2. There are prayer police in the Spanish city of Cordoba, once an Islamic capital, to stop Muslims from trying to pray in a Catholic cathedral that was a mosque centuries ago.
  3. The late Pope John Paul II would whip himself, according to a nun who helped to look after him.
  4. While in humans a woman's touch is more sensitive than a man's, in the insect kingdom female spiders eat their mates despite them being nutritionally poor.
  5. Australian stingless bees immobilise intruding beetles by mummifying them in resin, wax and mud.
  6. Climate change has made geography as a school subject interesting.
  7. Most of the resident's of the English town of Milton Keynes call it a city, even though it has township status, with its claim to fame being that its central railway station appeared as a UN building in Superman IV.
  8. 748 million burgers are sold in the UK annually.
  9. Pink is the last taboo colour-wise for men.
  10. Music can help brain recovery.

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