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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Tarkan Paradox

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportPublished today in paper Akşam is a letter from one of their correspondents in jail, Yiğit Karaahmet, facing charges similar to that of recording artist Tarkan, in which he compares what he terms as the "paradoxical" or double standards in treatment between him and the singer (see left pic).

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"Tarkan and I were taken into custody on almost the exact charge, same evidence and statements. But what happened? He was released, and while everyone else was brought to court in handcuffs, he was taxied to court like a pop star. What was the reason why police didn't open his double lined hood as they brought him to court? Under such circumstances, I ask myself why am I still in custody? If justice is for everyone, then why am I still here? All I wish is for everyone to be treated equally under the law," he says.

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The article writes that Karaahmet, who admits to using drugs, was taken into custody last year under suspicion of supplying drugs, and is awaiting his first hearing on 2 April.

UPDATE: Karaahmet is released on bail >>

While in custody, the reporter has written to his paper expressing how he knows he was foolish to use drugs - with his lawyer also commenting in the piece to state that Turkish law was worded such so that even sharing a small dose of drugs with a friend could be considered as supplying under legal codes.

Turkish authorities have recently been cracking down on drug trafficking, preferring to focus on celebrities and those in the media using the drugs, rather than the cartels supplying them.

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