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Friday, March 26, 2010

Ten Things of Period

  1. The Middle East is full of talk of war.
  2. The European Union finally agrees that the shape of a fruit is irrelevant to its taste and nutrition.
  3. A Bulgarian official has been sacked after being caught milking a virtual cow on the hugely popular online farming game, Farmville.
  4. The Ancient Romans are said to have brewed alcohol from apples, while the name "scrumpy" comes from a word meaning small and shrivelled.
  5. A previously unknown type of ancient human through analysis of DNA from a finger bone has been unearthed in a Siberian cave.
  6. A former KGB agent is the owner of a British newspaper, while the UK's National Lottery operator Camelot has been sold to a Canadian teachers' pension fund for £389m.
  7. A rare signed first edition of George Orwell's first full-length work has sold for £86,000 at auction.
  8. Scientists propose men may have a weaker immune system and could be more vulnerable to so-called 'man flu'.
  9. Swimming with dolphins may be sold as a life-affirming experience, but research shows that it can be traumatic for the sea mammals themselves.
  10. In the Hudson Valley, 20 miles north of New York, frogs that warble in the arrival of spring in the wetland woodlands are called peepers by the locals.

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