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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ten Things of Way

  1. Promiscuous women are responsible for earthquakes, a senior Iranian cleric has said.
  2. Brain training games do not improve overall brain power, a scientific study launched by the BBC suggests.
  3. Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante has been voted the best guitarist of the past 30 years.
  4. In Cuba, barber shops and beauty salons have been traditionally run by the state.
  5. Banknotes were first widely circulated in the Song Dynasty in 10th Century China.
  6. British servicemen and women have had their own brand of tea since 1921.
  7. UK motorists use excuses as imaginative as UFOs and "bad weather" to try and get out of parking fines.
  8. George Washington, the first president of America, borrowed two books from a library in 1789 but failed to return them, racking up $300,000 (£195,000) in fines for being some 220 years late.
  9. Israeli lottery winners often wear masks to conceal their identity while accepting the prize.
  10. African country Zimbabwe is 30 years old.

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