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Friday, April 16, 2010

Words of the Current

"By the mid-2030s, I believe we can send humans to orbit Mars and return them safely to Earth, and a landing on Mars will follow."
US President Barack Obama in a major speech at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where he gave details of his new policy for space pioneering.

"In what was a very sterile debate, not once did we hear the word Wales mentioned by any of the leaders. Indeed much of what they said was irrelevant to our communities."
Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones on the first live prime ministerial debate ever in the UK and the absence of national Scottish and Welsh party leaders at the televised event.

"They were all busy using anecdotes to show how in touch with the people they were, but it came across as a bit fake and a bit phoney."
Public speaking and speech-writing expert, Max Atkinson giving notes on the political leaders in the prime ministerial debate.

"Dragons' Den is not a team effort. It is all about entrepreneurs pitching to individual Dragons in the hope of winning backing for their ideas, and five hard-headed investors looking for the best deal."
BBC spokesperson on the news that two entrepreneurs James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne from the TV show Dragons' Den have entered a war of words over Caan's UK tax status.

"I'm fed up with being branded for being on the fiddle."
Disgruntled New York cabbie, after a governing commission accused drivers of a concerted scam of more than $8m, by illegally overcharging customers.

"If there's online content that you want to get hold of, get it from a reputable website - if that means paying that's what you have to do."
Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro, on a porn virus that publishes web history of victims on the net.

"People are good in binary choice but not multiple choice."
French scientist Dr Etienne Koechlin, lead author of research that suggests an inability to multi-task may be "hard-wired" into our brain.

"[There seems to be an] intrinsic bias in children to show interest in particular kinds of toys."
Researcher Dr Brenda Todd on a study that suggests boys naturally gravitate towards cars and girls towards dolls from the moment they first crawl.

"Some ancestor of our T. rex may have been up that other T. rex's nose."
Dr Mark Siddall, of the American Museum of Natural History, on a new species of leech with a preference for living up noses, whose early ancestor probably shared an environment with dinosaurs about 200 million years ago. The new blood-sucking species is called Tyrannobdella rex which means tyrant leech king.

"The Icelanders stopped dancing and unlike the Norwegians and Faroe Islanders we lost the old dances."
Professor Gunnar Karlsson on the volcanic eruption "that changed Iceland forever".

"It was, yeah, a little bit frightening."
Pilot Capt Moody, when his Boeing 747 shut down at 37,000ft and he hadn't a clue why. Quoted in BBC Magazine article "When volcanic ash stopped a Jumbo at 37,000ft"

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