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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tarkan Closes the Book on New York

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Papers Bugün and Milliyet have reported on Turkey's megastar Tarkan having returned to his parents' home nation, after being away in America.

While Milliyet published photographs of Tarkan at the airport on his arrival, Bugün headlines its article as the recording artist having gone to America to "close the book" on New York.

Screencap of reports

"Tarkan: I've Closed that Book"

Bugün's article on Tarkan's arrival back to Turkey from his short trip to America is published under the Cihan news wire, and writes that Tarkan came back to Turkey after a stop over from Zurich in Switzerland.

Having gone to America fifteen days ago, on his return the Turkish megastar answered reporters' questions. He told reporters he had sold his house in New York, and also revealed that an album was coming soon.

UPDATE: Kral TV airs video footage of airport report >>

"I sold my house in New York and closed that page in my life. It's a very crowded city. I dealt with house details. And I tried to get some rest," he is reported to have said.

Adding that he hadn't sold the house for any special reason, "For about 5-6 years now I haven't been going a lot. So I decided to sell up."

The article writes that Tarkan said that there were one or two songs left to finalise on the album.

"Sold His House in New York"

However, contrary to the Bugün article on the subject of the 2010 album, in Milliyet's account of the megastar's arrival back home, Tarkan is reported to have said that only one song was left to finish, with the vocals already recorded.

"The album was on the verge of completion anyway, we just had one song left. We've done the vocals. I'm going to go to the studio now. We're going to go to finish it," he is cited as saying.

Reminding its readers of the drug bust he was involved in a few months ago, Milliyet also writes that having kept away from the cameras for a while.

Tarkan looked as though he had lost weight, while fans at the airport mobbed the singer, and took the opportunity to take plenty of photographs with their favourite singer, the article writes.

Tarkan back in Turkey after selling his house in New York
Tarkan back in Turkey after selling his house in New York
Tarkan back in Turkey after selling his house in New York
Tarkan back in Turkey after selling his house in New York
Tarkan back in Turkey after selling his house in New York
Tarkan back in Turkey after selling his house in New York

Having lived in New York for ten years, Milliyet prints that in answering reporters' question on his arrival to Turkey, Tarkan said, "I went for a short holiday to America. To be honest I went to end my life over there. Maybe not my life, but I'm no longer going to live in New York. I've closed the book [on that chapter] in my life and come back."

And when asked if he had gone to America to get over "his difficult times" recently, the recording artist said that New York was very crowded and that it was impossible to relax there. "It's so crowded. There's no where to go. But of course the freedom [of anonymity] feels good. Take in a coffee at a café. Read my book..."

And on being asked about singer Kibariye comments about him on a talk show yesterday, "Really? I love her a lot, she's a great singer and a real sweet person. We all love her.

"She's going to sing a song of mine on her own album. And I'm going to help her as much as I can," he is quoted as saying.

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