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Monday, May 13, 2013

Tarkan Says: You Are Nature!

Tarkan gives concert on 5 June 2013 for Turkish nature society Doga's school project in the Turkish province of Izmir
Tarkan concert on 5 June, 2013, for Turkish nature society Doğa's school project.

Istanbul-based music artist Tarkan is giving a charity concert in June this year to raise funds for the building of a "nature school" in the Turkish province of Izmir, nature society Doğa Derneği writes.

Its official website and Facebook page, which carried the news in an update to its cover photo, prints that Tarkan will be performing live at Izmir Arena on 5 June. The nature society's press release (pictured left) says that the artist will donate all his proceeds from the event to the academy being built at Seferihisar, a peaceful coastal town in the province.

UPDATES: Tarkan cancels Nature concert >>
Tarkan reschedules Nature concert for September >>

Headlined under the banner "You Are Nature!", Tarkan's concert will be held as part of the nature society's 10th anniversary celebrations. The singer's proceeds from the show will go to set up the school he is helping to build in partnership with the nature society and the town's public authorities.

UPDATE: Tarkan pledges support for Seferihisar animal shelter complex (2015) >>

President of Doğa, Güven Eken had this to say regarding the new research academy of nature at Seferihisar:

Whichever way you look at it, from the destruction of nature, to violence against women or even to wars, behind every problem is humanity's own cut-throat competitive battle with nature to dominate it. However, ancient societies in Anatolia and around the world, rather than competing against nature have shown us that a relationship with nature based on co-operation and sharing is possible. The Seferihisar School of Nature aims to trace the footsteps of these societies and show once again that there is the potential for a different kind of humanity. As founding members of the academy, the presence of Tarkan and the public authorities in Seferihisar will lend great weight to the long-term success of the school."

The society's press release states that the nature academy is aiming to blend what they term as "life and learning, [to] blur the distinction between teachers and students, promoting a new form of academic understanding alongside existing, traditional methods of academic learning". Moreover, the nature academy is aiming to support students by providing the opportunity for them to carry out their education free of charge.

Areas of research are said to include horticultural and agricultural programmes that cover the general principles, practices and science of farming, ranching, and other cultivations for human use. Other subjects include environmental law, ecology, oral and folk cultures, the traditional arts and architecture, and the philosophy of nature. The academy will begin enrolling students from 2014.

Doğa, which means "nature" in Turkish, is focused on nature and bringing environmental awareness to its members and to the members of the public. The association has been working closely with Tarkan for the past seven years, who has been known as a keen activist on green issues since the early nineties.

Tickets to Tarkan's 5 June concert are on sale at Biletix while stocks last.

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