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Monday, August 05, 2013

If You Are Love

if you are love,
then I want you to unfold in me
like sunlight unfolds in the sky,
stretch me out to my furthest limit,
as far as a heart needs to fly;
     as far as the mind can see
to reach stars that constantly break
upon every shore of possibility,

if you are love
then I want you to find me,
     washed up with desire,
a bottled dream
thrown into the sea,
far travelled and lonely;

if you are love,
then fold me once more
     into the tiniest pieces
of torched fire burning the night,
hard-wire me to your destiny,
turn cold dark to warming white;

then love, be the cycle of light
that regulates all seasons,
     which will make me grow,
and tell me the things
I should already know;
how I exist as part of you;

and if you are love
then take all I have until
my fortunes are through;
     for if my life was lent
with any single intent,
then let it be spent on you;

for love, I want to be less,
if I can feel all with you;
remake me as timeless
     as your touch upon the soul,
take me as high
as only you can go;

if you are love
then teach me to hear
the soul doesn't whisper,
but shouts in the mind
to refuse all fear,
     and then take me love like longing
takes you in a dance,
simply to be near.

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