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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Think of Woman


when I think of woman,
I can think only of you
as the one definition
to give life to the word;

but it's not your curve of thigh,
or the feminine slant to your eye,
or, against the roughness of my own
the softness of your skin,
       melting down as white snow
       into the dark earth of spring,
       merging the opposing seasons
       with the blossom you bring,

it's not even how you beautify
everything with a look or touch,
to give the living new worth,
or a higher value as such,
       simply by breathing
       in the same currency of air,
       turning the night to light
       simply by being there;


for when I think of woman,
I think of no one but you
as the only real definition
that brings life to my world,

as there is no need to win you
once your heart is won,
you're the most human emotion
love can express in its sum;
       for with you there is no heed
       to dress deeds up once they're done,
       and holding you is enough
       to know you truly are the one;

and with you every single end
is a beginning to care,
you fight for love's cause
as only a best friend would dare,
       because for you the only goal
       is to make meaning whole,
       and with our most precious words
       to give sound to love's soul.

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