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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Sounds at Work

Working Sounds

I don't know if you can hear
these sounds at work

tinkering, hammering in me
as you move closer,

I don't know if you know
that when we share

the same ground of breath,
you leave me there

buzzing, rising in a heart
that walks on air.

Love is Wild

love is wild
as the seeds it grows,
it propagates against all odds,
it survives
by beautiful means,
its golden ratio
replicates itself,
infinitely intrinsic
intricately repeated
in our genes,
to universal laws governing
how the world sows.


in this habit of being,
what all lovers fear
is the start to undressing,

where you stand naked by your windows
and stare straight on through,
feeling scared and yet so real:
and where you'll breathe deeply at first
as you take on more air,

and you'll hear the spaces inside you
at work, as they figure out
this takeover bid for a majority share,
and how much of themselves to spare,

and you'll notice how quickly
your body assumes the position
automatically: it consumes you

like tongue takes to word
or finger takes to touch,
as vocal as the cord

that binds you to the world,
in a habit of learning
all lovers wear.

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