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Saturday, July 05, 2014

What Makes You

so tell me who you are:
what type of creature?
are you even human, woman?
I can't even describe
how you give me life;
you fullness turns everything
into an empty cliché,

how you melt me away
with your kindness, and how
I want to give you everything,
even my worthless life,
and yet all you ask for is nothing
but the time and space
to love me: this is crazy--

why am I lucky fate suddenly
make you available to me?
your light is so bright
I can hardly look at you right,
your beauty just breaks me;
tell me what makes you
so different from any other

before or after you?
what makes you feel
more right, more gentle,
more soft and supple,
or are you simply special
by being more normal?
what distinguishes you

from the rest of your kind?
what makes you the best to me?
can it be your honesty
and the truthfulness I admire?
or your independent fire
and refusal to give in
to hate and jealously?

or how above all you cherish
faithfulness and friendship?
or maybe it's just how
you accepted no substitutions:
you were breathtakingly free
and single from ulterior motives
or obsessions or husbands

when you came after me--
otherwise when you easily
could have any man you want,
why did you take pity
on a loving fool like me?
who is good for nothing except
to be proud of his lady;

I wonder why, when I see
how you would fight for me
as though I were your only one,
do you put my worthlessness
above all else? who are you?
are you even human, woman?
what makes you so special

that you came and took me
so quickly, and made me
your husband; a family
accustomed for eternity,
and where you taught me
death is no divorce from reality,
only time awaiting a reunion;

so tell me who you are woman;
who is this beautiful master
who owns me? who are you?
who made you so perfectly?
is there anyone to tell me
what type of creature you are?
are you even human, woman?

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