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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Five Turkish Things for Foodies

Traditional Turkish breakfast spread

Food lovers have in times past used the terms "gastronome" and "epicure" to label themselves, today we have the modern-day foodie. If you count yourself a connoisseur amongst them, or just simply enjoy food as I do, then you may find the selection below to your taste.

In it I share five quotes, taken from five articles about food and drink with a Turkish flavour. Bon appétit, or should that be afiyet olsun?

1. Restaurants with the best views in the world (Topaz, Istanbul/MSN Food & Drink)

For service and setting like that of Topaz in Istanbul, you should expect to pay a pretty penny. But breathtaking views of the Bosphorus, a well thought-through menu of Mediterranean and Ottoman influence, plus a wide of selection of home-grown wines, are worth it. Lamb and fish form the staples of the dishes, alongside their concept 'Degustation' menu." (Link/MSN UK pages have a habit of expiring, so just in case you can use this screencap.)

2. Top chefs describe favourite home-cooked foods (MSN Food/Eat.Travel.Live)

Can't we love food without being pretentious about it? Or has this simple, but important, pleasure been turned into part witch hunt, part consumerist orgy? It seems not. MSN Food asked some of Britain's best chefs what their comfort food was after an online poll voted home-made meals as their biggest gastronomic treat – even putting them above a meal in an expensive restaurant. John Gregory-Smith chose Turkish baked eggs, which transports him back to his time in Istanbul." (Link/Screencap)

3. Tasty ways with tomatoes (MSN Food/The Vegetarian Society)

MSN Food published their top ten list of dishes to celebrate the versatile tomato. Included in their pick of tasty recipes was Turkish dish Imam Bayildi." (Link/Screencap)

4. Coffee drinking around the world (MSN Food & Drink)

Turkish coffee is an aromatic brew with a hint of cardamon, perfect for quenching your coffee desires in the sweltering heat. When you’ve finished your coffee – don’t get rid of the grounds – they can be used to tell your fortune! Sip tip: For coffee with a view over beautiful Istanbul, take a seat at Konak Café." (Link/Screencap)

5. Mouth-watering hot drinks around the world (Lonely Planet)

Sweet Turkish coffee turbo-charges many a visitor around the palaces and bazaars of Istanbul. But Turkey’s preferred winter warmer is sahlep, hot sweet milk infused with orchid root powder. Orchid-based drinks have a long history, used as an aphrodisiac by the Romans (who took the suggestive shape of the root rather literally). But while notions of sahlep’s romantic effects have been all but abandoned, the creamily nourishing beverage – with the faintest of floral notes – is enjoyed across the Middle East, sometimes sprinkled with orange blossom water, coconut or raisins." (Link/Screencap)

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